What the pain in your body is trying to tell you!

March 23, 2018 by Justin Vizakis

Emotional connection to fascia dysfunction:

The body is an amazing organic machine, it tells us when it needs something yet many of us tell it to shut up in an effort to keep up on the lifestyle we live. We ignore, suppress, medicate and distract ourselves from feeling the information that will lead us back into balance. The body is an expression of the subconscious mind, below is an outline of what parts of the body and expressions of imbalances that the body is expressing to you, lets create an example first and get a good visual for the framework.

There is an emotional component to the energetics involved with the fascia system. The fascia system is what expresses the signals to communicate these imbalances. Lets say for example you have just experienced a car accident, rear ended at a stop sign. After the impact you were ok however a few hours later your neck and lower back begin to ache. You wake up the next day barely able to stand, with vertigo and nausea. The reaction in the body was acutely traumatic and the central nervous system secreted carbolic hormones that flood the body activating every fight or flight response in the system. When this happens, the amount of information is too much to process so the emotional impact gets “stuck” or lodged into the tissue. Whichever area was the most vulnerable is where a majority of the sticking will display. If the body is not healthy or strong enough to bounce back, this creates injury and pain from over-stimulation of inflammation producing cells in the immune system. Thus creating injury.
Unfortunately traditional medical approach is to identify each symptom in a compartmentalized fashion; meaning they do not connect the dots between the interrelationship of the different systems and aspects (energy, biology, physiology). The therapy is designed to correct physiological aspects through physical therapy, but what about imbalances in the microbiome from being flooded with imbalancing hormones that alter the pH of the body, along with medications that blunt or inhibit proper functioning recovery responses from he body. You see, when we consume medications that are designed to dull pain and kill bacteria in the body, it throws the fundamental activities off in a chain reaction with all other system of the body stressing everything on multiple levels, leaving many people frustrated with lack of progress and that can and usually does lead to people just “dealing with it”. This approach is the broken system that we live in today. So, understanding our body in this more multidimensional way helps us put the pieces of the puzzle together to take our self care to another level and understand the underlying cause of every imbalance that we experience.

The following areas are examples of what emotional state is correlated with these parts of the body. As you look over these explanations, I recommend writing down what resonates with you.

Head- represents us, what we show the world, how we are recognized. Something wrong in the head area means we feel something is wrong with “us”

Hair- represents strength. When we are tense and afraid, we create those bands of steel that originate in the shoulder muscles and come up over the top of the head and sometimes down around the eyes. The hair shaft grows up through the hair follicle. When there is much tension in the scalp the hair shaft can be squeezed so tightly that the hair can no longer breathe, and it dies and falls out. If the scalp remains tense new hair cannot grow, baldness is the result.
Female baldness has been on the increase ever since women have begun entering the “business world” with all its tension and frustrations.

Tension is not being strong, it is weakness and fear. Being relaxed and centered and peaceful is really being strong and secure.

Ears- represent the capacity to hear. Problems with ears represents something you do not want to hear. An earache would indicate that there is anger about what is heard.
Deafness represents longstanding refusal to listen to someone.

The Eyes- represents capacity to see. Problems with the eyes suggest there are things we do not want to see, either about ourselves or about life; past present or future.
Are you negating whats happening right now? what don’t you want to face? Are you afraid to see the present or the future? Can you see what you are doing to yourself?

Headaches- come from invalidating the self. The next time you get a headache stop and ask yourself, “where and how have you just made yourself wrong”. Forgiving of self will release tension in the neck and release the headache, 80% of headaches are created through tension.
Migraines are created by people who want to be perfect and who create tons of pressure on themselves, a lot of suppressed anger is involved. Interestingly, migraines can almost always be alleviated by masturbation if done at the onset of one. The sexual release dissolves the tension and pain.

Sinus problems- felt in the face and so close to the nose, represent being irritated by someone in your life, someone who is close to you, you may even feel they are bearing down on you.

Neck- represents the ability to be flexible on our thinking, problems here usually mean we are being stubborn about our own concept of the situation.

Throat- represents our ability to “speak up” for ourselves, to ask for what we want. to say, “I AM”. Throat problems usually mean we do not feel we have the right to do these things, we feel inadequate to stand up for ourselves.

Sore Throats are always anger. If a cold is involved there is mental confusion too. Laryngitis usually means you are so angry you cannot speak.

The Throat also represents the creative flow in the body, this is where we express our creativity and when our creativity is stifled and frustrated. People pleasers always have issues associated with the throat, tonsillitis, thyroid problems are just frustrated creativity not being able to do what you want to do.

The throat chakra is the place in the body where change takes place. When we resist change or are in the middle of change or are trying to change, we often have a lot of activity in our throats. Notice when you cough, or when someone else coughs. What has just been said? What are we reacting to? Is it resistance and stubbornness, or is it the process of change taking place?

Arms- represent our ability and capacity to embrace the experiences of life. The upper arms are our capacity, the lower arms have to do with our abilities. We store old emotions in our joints, elbows represent our flexibility in changing directions.

Hands- Hold, clench, we let things slip through our fingers. Sometimes we hold on too long. We put a handle on something, hands down, hands off, hanky panky. We give someone a hand, and have helping hands. Hands can be gentle or hard with knotty knuckles from overthinking or gnarled with arthritic criticism. Grasping hands come from fear, fear of loss, fear of never having enough, fear that it wont stay if you hold lightly. Tightly grasping relationships only has the partner run away in desperation. Tightly clenched hands cannot take in anything new. Shaking the hands freely from the wrists fives a feeling of looseness and openness.

Fingers- each has meaning. Problems in the fingers show where you need to relax and let go. If you cut your index finger there is probably anger and fear that has to do with your ego in some current situation. The index finger is the ego and fear. The middle finger has to do with sex and anger. The ring finger is both union and grief, the little finger has to do with family and pretending.

Back- represents our support system. Problems usually mean we feel we are not being supported. The upper back has to do with lack of emotional support, the middle back has to do with guilt; all that stuff that is in the back of us.Are you afraid to see what is back there? Do you feel stabbed in the back? Do you feel real burnt out? Are your finances a mess? Or do you worry about them excessively? That will be the lower back, the lack or fear of lack of money, the amount has nothing to do with it.
Lungs- represent our capacity to take in and give out life. Problems here usually mean we are afraid to take in life, or perhaps we feel we do not have the right to live fully.
Emphysema and heavy smoking are ways of denying life, they mask a deep feeling of totally unworthy of existing.

Breasts- represent the mothering principle, problems here usually mean we are over mothering either a person, place or thing, or even an experience. if cancer is involved, there is also deep resentment.

Heart- represents love while our blood represents joy. Our heart lovingly pumps joy through our body. when we deny our joy and love, the heart shrivels and becomes cold. As a result the blood gets sluggish and we creep our way to anemia, angina, and heart attacks.

Stomach- digests all the new ideas and experiences we have. What or who cant you stomach? What gets you in the gut? Stomach issues usually mean we don’t know how to assimilate a new experience.
Ulcers represent fear, a tremendous amount of fear. Not being good enough, we cannot stomach who we are. We rip our guts out trying to please others. Love is the answer here, fundamentally self love, be gentle and loving to the child within and give it the support and encouragement you wanted when you were little.

Genitals- represents the most feminine part of a woman and most masculine part of a man. When we do not feel comfortable with being a man or a woman, when we reject our sexuality, reject our bodies as dirty or sinful, we often have problems here.

BLADDER, ANAL, VAGINITIS, PROSTATE and PENIS problems all come under the same area. They stem from the distorted beliefs about our bodies and the correctness of their functions.

Every organ in our body is a magnificent expression of life with its own special functions.
If you have sexual problems, try relating to the rectum, penis, or vagina with a sense of love and appreciation for their function and beauty. If you are beginning to cringe or get irate as you think about this ask yourself why? Who told you to deny any part of your body? Who made it taboo or secret? Our sex organs were created as the most pleasurable part of our body to give us pleasure, to deny this is to create pain and punishment, sex is not only ok, it is glorious and wonderful, it is just as normal for us to have sex as it is to breathe air!

Bladder problems usually come from chronically being “pissed off” usually at a partner. Women have more bladder problems than men because they are more prone to hide their hurt.
Vaginitis usually involves feeling romantically hurt by the partner, mens prostate problems have a lot to do with self worth and also believing that as he gets older he becomes less of a man.
Impotence adds fear and sometimes is related to spite against a previous mate.
Frigidity comes from fear or a belief that it is wrong to enjoy the body, it also comes from self disgust, it can be intensified by an insensitive partner.

Colon represents our ability to let go, to release that which no longer serves us. It is only our fear that blocks the release of the old.

Legs carry us forward in life. Problems here indicate a fear or reluctance of moving forward or a reluctance to move forward in a certain direction. Not wanting to do things will often produce minor leg problems.

Varicose Veins represent standing in a job or a place that we hate. the veins lose their ability to carry joy.

Knees have to do with flexibility, like the neck, only they express bending and pride, ego and stubbornness. Often when moving forward, we are fearful of bending, becoming inflexible, stiffening the joints. We want to move forward yet we don’t want to change our ways. LET GO!

Feet have to do with our understanding of ourselves and of life, past present and future. Little kids move on happy dancing feet, where as many older people have a difficult time walking, their understanding has been warped and they often feel there is no place to go.

Skin represents our individuality. Problems here usually mean our individuality is being threatened somehow. We feel that others have power over us. We are thin skinned. One of the quickest ways to heal skin problems is to nurture yourself and take back your power.

Arthritis is a disease that comes from a constant pattern of criticism, of self and others. Arthritic people often attract a lot of criticism because it is their pattern to criticize. Also can be called “perfectionism”.
Asthma mean there is a feeling that you do not have the right to breathe for yourself. Asthmatic children often have “overdeveloped consciences” They take on guilt feeling for whatever seems wrong in their environment. A feeling of unworthiness and guilt creates a need for self punishment.

BOILS, BURNS, CUTS, FEVERS, SORES, “ITIS” and INFLAMMATION all are indicators of anger expressing in the body. Anger always finds a way to express itself no matter how much we try to suppress it. This anger can be release simply by acknowledging that it is there.

Cancer is a disease caused by deep resentment held for a long time until it literally eats away at the body. Something happens in childhood that destroys our sense of trust, this experience is never forgotten, and the individual lives with a sense of self pity, finding it hard to develop and maintain long term, meaningful relationships. Because of this belief system, life seems to be a series of disappointments. Hopelessness and helplessness and loss permeate the thinking, and it becomes easy to blame others for all our problems. People with cancer are also very self critical.

Overweight represents a need for protection, we seek protection from hurts, slights, criticism, abuse, sexuality and sexual advances. In general this a fear of life.

Pain of any sort is an indication of guilt, guilt always seeks punishment, and punishment creates pain. Chronic pain comes from chronic guilt, so often so deeply buried we don’t even know its there.
Stiffness in the body represents stiffness in the mind. Fear makes us cling to old ways and we find it difficult to be flexible.

Thoughts are electric, emotions are magnetic, we are electromagnetic beings, we have the choice, responsibility and ability to create our reality in every way. Our belief systems create limitation or expansion. It is our free will and responsibility to understand and accept this knowledge and use it to become the best version of ourselves.

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