The four phases of Ascension

March 23, 2018 by Justin Vizakis

Through life, we all experience many forms of struggle. We are designed to overcome obstacles and learn certain lessons in this lifetime to live out our divine purpose. Through this struggle we discover ourselves and it is completely unique to everyone. There are fundamental philosophies, belief systems and processes in the physical, emotional and energetic bodies that at the core are the same for every human being. It is these aspects that we will explore in this book.

Through the process of ascension, as we “wake up” to our true reality, there are four stages of the evolution of our soul. They are: 1. revolution 2. involution 3. Narcissism and 4. Evolution.

We experience this when we suddenly wake up one day and realize that something is wrong. Many times we will feel like we suddenly don’t know who we are or what we really love cherish and enjoy. We may think we are going crazy, nothing seems to make sense and we go about our day with a frustratingly lost sensation. Energetically this signifies a shift in our energy, it can come from going through trauma of any kind, meeting someone or having an experience with a group of people, place or thing outside our normal safe place. Once the shift happens, we emit a new frequency, thus everything in our normal life will feel and appear different to us. We may feel awkward around old friends, not want to do the same things we used to enjoy. When I had my first big awakening experience, I suddenly had no desire to work out, I felt the conversations with my bodybuilding friends were superficial and meaningless and even broke up with my girlfriend at the time. I felt like I was going crazy yet I had no option but to follow this unknown path.

This phase can last a moment or years, many factors depend on how we evolve and respond to these factors. This experience will lead into the next phase, involution.

Involution: Here we detach from the ego and observe our actions from an objective place. This phase occurs when we process the initial response and decide to go within to really get to know the deeper part of the self and understand what this new place really means. This phase has been the most educational for me, it requires humble honest introspection and the ability to face the things that we have been running from our entire lives. The conditioned behaviors that hold us back and create doubt, fear and self sabotage. This will be the most difficult for some people, in order to process this phase we must let go of any beliefs, patterns, habits and addictions that hold us back. Depending on how conditioned we are, and how medicated and stubborn we are to observe our own ego, will depend on how successful and long this phase is. This phase is where Ayahuasca really helped me grow and learn about myself. I have helped many people through this process and the great thing is; once we process the experiences emotionally we further upgrade our energy.

Narcissism: Here we bring the ego back in to integrate with the higher self. Doing this is necessary because our ego is a part of us. This new age movement tends to put down the ego like its a bad thing. Everyone has an ego, it is what makes us unique. The problem is when the ego (mind) controls the actions of life over the higher self (heart). The ego, left unchecked or unknown will carry out our dysfunctional behavior patterns learned through the environment we have been subjected to over a lifetime. generally speaking, when we react to life, we are not living we are surviving. Surviving leads to all bad things, nothing good. In order to gain control of life we must see how we are reacting to life dysfunctionally and have the courage and awareness to take action on being proactive for creating the life we want to live. This is where narcissism comes into play. After a “deep cleaning” of the Ego through honest and humbling introspection we must re-integrate the ego with a new sense of control and understanding of our conditioned behaviors. Here is when we must be strong and vigilant in recognizing our triggers and proactively take action and doing preventative maintenance in order to maintain the highest good in our life.

On a macro scale this is the phase that America is stuck in. If you look back to the 1960’s we had our first Revolution in contemporary society, hippies and psychedelics became widespread and freeing your mind was the project of humanity. As we crept into the 1980’s we came into the involution phase, where society was transitioning into a new phase and it seemed that there was more projection of control and rigid rules, as people were more in their heads and unlearning much of what shocked the system in the previous two decades. Coming into the 1990’s and 2000’s society blossomed into the narcissistic phase where the ego became supreme ruler. Unfortunately this is where society has become “stuck” with marketing and advertising to society’s instant gratification is everywhere and people have been getting lost in the rabbit holes of ego desires and fantasy.

I believe that as a society we are waking up to the next phase, Evolution.

Evolution is the place we want to be, it is when all the dots connect and everything makes sense. This is us stepping into our true power and creating the life we want to live. We see our triggers, acknowledge them and have the courage and strength to take positive action in the direction that we choose to. This is where we shine, people like Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris and Dave Asprey have made it to. I believe we all have this capability and as more people awaken to the concept of a deeper life, each individual facing this part of themselves influences the whole. As a species, we are all connected, we are a collective consciousness and the more we raise our vibration, the more the collective vibration raises as well. If you are reading this, I know you can feel this shift, it is powerful and only getting more powerful. There are ways to anticipate the energies that impact our consciousness and life and knowing these energies and how the affect us can really put you ahead of the game when it comes to creating the life you want to live. This means of identifying these energies is called Astrology, if you are interested in getting an astrology reading message me directly at the “contact me” page. Astrology is how I discovered the deeper levels of myself and put the pieces together in order to anticipate processing difficult situations in my life. Through obstacles we embrace as opportunity we are able to overcome karmic lessons and thrive in life. The natal chart serves as a “soul map”, creating guidance for coming into living life in our highest potential.

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