The difference between Steroids and HRT

March 23, 2018 by Justin Vizakis

Short answer: There is NONE!

Long answer: There is a major misunderstanding about hormones and health, with the evolution of Hormone Replacement Therapy it is becoming more and more recognized that Testosterone is actually beneficial. There is a stigma with the word “steroids”, and that is associated with ABUSE of steroids, not the steroids themselves.

Too much of anything is not good for anyone. In the world today, we are bombarded with environmental toxins, chemicals in our food and stress at levels never seen before in human history. With the lack of quality of nutrients available to us our body’s are becoming more and more imbalanced. With these imbalances we are seeing a dramatic rise in “andropause” or early onset of male sex hormone imbalance. Understand this, low testosterone is just as unhealthy as too much testosterone. Generally speaking, if you are a man forty years or older there is a good chance you have low testosterone. The goal is to optimize biochemical function and bring levels to high normal which, from a sports medicine perspective, is between 800-1200 ng/dl. So many people that are “natural” in the fitness industry and with this competitive attitude, many people relate natural with healthy. Is this really the truth? It is completely dependent on the individual and their situation. Not to mention that if you consider yourself all natural but eating GMO’s and non organic food, technically speaking you are a walking sack of chemicals that is even worse off than the juice monkey that is abusing steroids.

We must approach the body and mind from a different perspective, because times have changed and the dangers to our health are everywhere. The goal is to be healthy and happy, correct? If that is the case, and you are not living in the place that you consider this to be your reality, research some biohacks to optimize the functionality of your body and mind. You can also contact me here if you would like coaching and guidance.

The difference between Steroids and HRT was last modified: March 23rd, 2018 by Justin Vizakis

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