You are amazing!

Justin thank you so much for your beautiful words! Besides my mother and one friend, it’s been hard meeting people who truly understand me! Who SEES ME . . . I suppressed my abilities and some of my beliefs because finding like-minded people is hard! Then you walk in and it’s as if you are the reminder it’s time, you can no longer hide! I love on a daily basis that I heal and help people and help people move forward! One of my massages yesterday I helped a woman through an emotional release we cried together! At times have the ability to see what’s going on before they tell me. But I have to be true to who I am and you have completely reminded me! It has always been hard for me to feel to allow myself to be vulnerable. I knew the first time you laid your hands on me that you were very special! You are truly in tune with mind, body, and spirit! Your energy is magnificent, your heart is simply beautifully! Your ability to help people physically spiritually and mentally is beyond words! You are amazing! Than you for being you. I feel so blessed to have met you and that you are a part of my life! You’re not just my massage therapist I call you my friend! Don’t ever doubt yourself! And if you do I will always remind you not to! You are so evolved! I know people send you messages all the time conveying what I’m saying but from one spiritual healer to another you are it!

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